I'm Kim, a mompreneur business coach here to help you build a 6-figure brand!

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Find Out How I Built a 6 Figure Business from Home with a New Baby

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In the face of challenges, most people tend to shrink back. I am so inspired by Kimberly and her story because she has used her adversity to create tremendous success! I recommend her to anyone who is serious about seeing success in every aspect of their life and their business. She lives up to her motto that you CAN have it all.

Erica Latrice,
Author, Speaker, and Media Expert

What Can Kim Do For You?


I have founded several successful businesses. I want to share what I’ve learned so that you can be a successful Mompreneur, too!



If you are pressed for time, as many moms are, these self-led business courses are perfect for you! Learn from me on your own time!


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