Entrepreneurs come in different shapes and sizes, and the things they do vary from improving on existing products to finding new ways to deliver services to creating new products and services that have never been seen before. But all entrepreneurs have specific qualities that make them good at what they do. Entrepreneurs who happen to be mothers can especially relate to these qualities. So many of these qualities are integral both to being a successful entrepreneur and also to successfully raising a human being, so it’s not a surprise that so many moms are also successful business owners!
Following are seven qualities that successful entrepreneurs and moms have in common—see how many of them you find in yourself!


To be a successful entrepreneur, you must have the discipline to stay focused on the task at hand and not get distracted by other things that might seem more interesting or entertaining. Great moms know all about discipline. Think about how often you’ve turned off the television, silenced your phone, or decided not to go to the movies with your girlfriends because you knew that your children needed you to help them with their homework, listen to their story, or watch their performance in the school play. That takes discipline, and it’s a sign of a great entrepreneur.


Many people compare and entrepreneur’s passion for her product to the love that a mother feels for her child. To make other people believe in your product or service, the successful entrepreneur has to passionately believe in her product or service and be able to convey that passion to another person—and if she is a mother, she already understands how important that is! A mother who is an entrepreneur will believe in her product like she believes in her children—and it will show in everything she does!


An entrepreneur wears lots of hats, and she has to be able to wear more than one at a time when she is launching a new product or introducing a new service. And who is better at multi-tasking than a mother? A mom is so many things to her child:  a counselor, a teacher, a nutritionist, a nurse, a repair-woman, a scientist, a botanist…the list goes on and on, and she almost always has to be more than one of these things at a time—the perfect set up for the life of an entrepreneur!


If you have a great product or service, you have to be able to go with the flow and change with the times, or you will never succeed as an entrepreneur. Moms are the most flexible people around, and they use that flexibility every day. What mom can’t relate to the mother in Disney’s Incredibles [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TgzWLsR-6PI] who simultaneously breaks up a fight between her two older children while she’s feeding the baby. It’s not an accident that the writers gave the flexibility super power to the mom in that story, and not an accident that she is the one who saves the family in the end.


An entrepreneur has to be able to look at the big picture, and use that as her focus as she grows her business and builds her company brand. Great mothers are constantly thinking about the big picture: they make their children eat their vegetables so they will be healthy, they teach their sons to respect their female classmates, and they choose books for their daughters with strong female characters so that they will grow up to be smart and capable. Just as they see the big picture for their children, entrepreneurial moms also see the big picture for their business, and they put just as much tender loving care into preparing for their own futures.


The irony about being your own boss is that the best and worst thing about it is that there is no one there to tell you what to do! A successful entrepreneur has to be motivated to do things on her own and not wait for someone to tell her what to do. Mothers are the greatest motivators—they teach their children the importance of getting up on time, doing their chores, and finishing their homework without being told, and show them the great rewards that come from hard work. A mom who is also an entrepreneur knows how to stay motivated and to motivate others in her company as well.


Perhaps the quality that entrepreneurs most closely identify with is their ability to solve problems creatively. If you need to build a better mousetrap, produce a new mode of transportation, or find a way to guide a lost spaceship back to earth using a limited number of tools, it’s the entrepreneurs who will make it happen. And few people are more suited for entrepreneurial problem solving than mothers: how many times have you fixed a broken toy with a paperclip or improvised a car ramp from a set of books or created an airplane out of a piece of paper? That’s your entrepreneurial spirit at work. Be proud of it.
If you are a mom, chances are good that you already possess many of the qualities of a great entrepreneur. If you haven’t already, now is the time to get out there and start your own business—you’re already halfway there!
Kimberly Patrick, business coach and lead generation strategist. Kim became passionate about working with business owners as a child, while growing up in a family business. She has been an entrepreneur since she was 17. Kim has founded multiple companies in real estate development, recruiting, fitness, coaching, and lead generation. Kim is a new Mom. Being a mother and an entrepreneur can be overwhelming but somehow, she has found ways to juggle them quite well. Kim helps moms leave their 9-5 to create a 6-figure business that they love where they can work from home and have a life of freedom for their families. Click here to get a free copy of Kim’s bestselling book, Dare to Be More: http://bit.ly/kimsfreebook