How to Hack SeaWorld Mom Style

Family vacations are typically planned as a once a year event that kids look forward to, all while placing a toll on mom and dad’s budget. But how would you feel if you could take a summertime family vacation weekly for a fraction of the cost? This is the story all about how I  was able to hack Sea World saving money on everything A-Z… including free parking!

Let’s start with the logistics of the financial maneuvers. Children whom age between about three and five are eligible for a “Preschool Card,” this will need to be done by the month of May for your little one to have a free season of visits. SeaWorld itself has many different forms of season passes available for purchase, available to you are the SeaWorld Silver Pass, SeaWorld and Aquatica Gold Pass, and finally the SeaWorld Platinum Pass. The SeaWorld Platinum pass is our main focus because the package offers the most bang for your buck in terms of how much money you are able to save overall each visit.

The Platinum pass is available for a lump sum purchase, or a payment play style pay throughout the season. This pass gives you and your family unlimited admission to 11 parks for 12 months including SeaWorld & Aquatica San Antonio, Busch Gardens, etc. Once in the park, you are still able to utilize this pass for 20% discounts on food and drinks, shopping select discounts, animal experience discounts, and preferred free parking- which saves you $25 per visit on that alone. In addition to the saved money so far, this also gives you free guest passes throughout the year to bring friends and family to the park at no additional cost!

Utilizing this Platinum Pass will allow you and your little one to have reserved seating at select aquatic shows so your little one can enjoy some of the best seats in the room. Taking your family on vacation is all about seeing your child’s face light up when you’re enjoying the experience and this is one of the many way you as a mom can make that happen as often as possible! The annual passes and savings throughout the park is just a perk for mom and dad’s wallet so that way you and your family can continue to visit the parks as often as possible compared to a “normal” family’s once a year trip.

Read on for more tips about my family and I  hack SeaWorld within the park and how to best utilize your time! Also, follow this link to all of her helpful tools that are making a splash in the mom world!


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