How to start work from home

Have you ever toyed with the idea of earning while you are in your nightdress and at the comfort of your sitting room? Statistics show that more and more people are ditching that eight to five job for the home-based work. The reasons for quitting formal employment range from personal reasons such as the desire for freedom to more responsibility related ones such as parenting or homeschooling.

More mothers than anyone else are now considering working from home as the next big thing. Even with the diverse reasons given by women for working from home, several questions always come up; what exactly can one do from home to earn a living? Will my income be the same, lower or even higher?  Do I risk my social life? Is it worth it?

Why work from home?

It is in human nature to flow with the crowd, choosing what is popular. But are you ready to quit formal employment and enjoy the thrill of being your own boss in your own home? Let us look briefly into some reasons why you should consider working from home.

  1.    Freedom! Freedom! Freedom!

Truth be told, the freedom offered by being self-employed at home is unmatched. The thought of having our own work schedule, enough time with kids and the house, in general, is just amazing.

  1.    No limits

In this venture, the only person who can limit your growth is you. You can choose to go out with friends and risk losing a client or stay up late to complete a task.

  1.    Flexibility

Having our own schedule means you can alter it when need be. Making a visit to the physician can be planned when the flow of work is a less demanding same case to shopping for groceries.

  1.    More income

Yes, more money. As it is the case with any self-employment venture, the prospect of making more than your daytime job is very high. It depends on your personal input into whatever you have chosen to do.

Starting out: the do’s and don’ts

-Ensure you have selected a niche that you are familiar with. You could probably build the work at home job with your experience from formal employment. Bring in your skills in customer relations and set up a virtual office as public relations consultant.

-Set your priorities right. Know what you want and go for it. Why are you joining other work from home mothers? Maybe you want more time with the kids.

-Don’t bring in the employee mentality. Here you are your own boss. You can fire yourself anytime. Be ready to work overtime.

-Don’t mix work with home tasks. Strike a balance. Do not welcome friends over when you should be working on a client’s project.

-Don’t rely on one source of income. Unless you have a long-term client who has been consistent in the flow of work and payment, always diversify your sources and create many networks.

Working from home as a mother is real and very possible. You will be spoilt for choice on what you can choose to settle on. Blogging always ranks high; others include working as a virtual assistant and consultancy, writing, transcribing, doing voice-overs, translating, coaching and teaching, operating online stores and drop shipping.